Does your organization have a digital experience platform (DXP)?

Many organizations work with a DXP for their websites, online stores and customer communications, offering them a multitude of options. But this doesn’t suit every business. Being bound by the technical limitations of the platform means that you might be missing out on other opportunities.

What is headless?

With a headless website, you are free to shape your customer experience as you see fit. By using various cloud services (SaaS) communicating via API’s, you are no longer fixed to one integrated platform to manage your digital assets, but still retain the seamless feel of a DXP. Of course, your customers are blissfully unaware and enjoy a rich and personalized experience across all channels.


Headless offers an independent online environment, uncoupled from any platform, giving you complete freedom. We call this approach ‘unplatforming’. Naturally, going headless still involves a lot of technology and the latest JAMstack architecture, but these are the main points to remember:

Headless combines the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits of cloud services with the convenience of centralized content management across all channels.


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Our 4 take outs for a headless approach

Thinking about going headless? This is how we can help your organization:


Choose the best of breed to suit your needs

With all-in-one you get it all, a broad range of functionalities that you pay for but might not use. The headless approach lets you choose the best of breed for what you need. Choosing from the multitude of services on the market is a daunting prospect but we apply all our expertise to help you make the best choices that will help your organization profit and grow.

Make great strides with small steps – your roadmap to detachment

The complexity of DXP means going live can take longer. Going headless means a running start with a minimum viable product (MVP) to which you gradually add new services, enabling you to focus on your KPI’s without delay. Our team has a proven track record in this way of working and would be happy to share our experience with you to get your growth going.

Authentically agile: your team will love you for it

All-in-one platforms are complex which can lead to longer lead times and unpredictable development cycles for your team to deal with. In contrast, headless starts with an MVP to which they can add services over time, giving them room to breathe and be creative. We coach teams through the process to maximize the effects.

Regain control of your digital growth and optimize your KPI’s

By giving your team the opportunity to focus on what they do best, you facilitate a lean approach with a build-measure-learn cycle. What could be better than continuous growth in your organization and increased development of your team? Of course, we stay involved in your digital strategy every step of the way.

About Unplatform

Unplatform is part of Aviva Solutions, a completely independent, full-service agency for project management, digital design, implementation and maintenance that helps organizations take the next step in their digital growth. With Unplatform, Aviva Solutions offers a roadmap to what headless entails, the benefits it offers and what organizations can achieve by going headless. Want to go headless in your business? Then Aviva Solutions is ready to help.

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